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Winter 2023

Tuesday January 3 -  Saturday April 1, 2023

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Spring 2023

Tuesday April 4 - Saturday June 24, 2023



            Tuesday                                            Wednesday                          Thursday                        

             5:30-6:30pm                                      5:30 - 6:30pm                       5:30-6:30pm                    

             Intermediate                                   Beginner Flamenco           Intro to Flamenco

             Flamenco                                                                                          Groupon                        


            6:30 - 7:30pm                                    6:30-7:30pm                                           

            Advanced  Tech                               Bata Technique

            Various Palos                                                                                                            




            7:30 - 9:00pm                                    7:30pm-9:00pm                                                           

            Advanced Choreo                           Bata Choreography                                                         

            Alegrias de Cordoba                                                                                             

            con Manton                                                                 


            7:30 - 9:00pm  

             Feb 7 - Mar 28                                                                              

            Advanced Choreo Rondena                                                                           





CLASS RATES: All students must register and pay for classes before entering.

Term Rate: $20.00/ hr   Classes with musicians will have a extra $3./hr (M) = Musician fee .

Without the (M) it is $20.00/hour

Private Lessons: $80./hr or for a pack of 4 hours  $300. (to be used in 8 weeks)

Trial-Rate: $20.00/hr (Limited to one/type of class /Term).

NOTE: No classes Thanksgiving weekend (October 8, 2022) and the week of

November 14, 2022 - November 19, 2022.

Studio Rental:

Studio A (600 square feet): Rehearsal $28./hr  Teaching $33./hr

Studio B (190 square feet): Rehearsal $18./hr Teaching $23./hr

Rental card: 15 hours for $150.00 to be used in 8 weeks.

Entire studio: The entire space that includes a self contained washroom, change room,

reception and two studios Rehearsal: $45./hr Rehearsal or $55./hr Teaching/Castings/Workshops.

Please inquire for long-term rental rates.


Things change, so stay in touch and connect with us on our web page

Class Attire:  Dance Wear: stretchy/yoga type pants, A-line skirt, form fitting shirt.  No mid-riff shirts.  FLAMENCO SHOES/BOOTS ARE Essential.  Please contact Carmen to get shoes. Hair must be pulled back and away from face. 

It is unsafe to do turns with hair in your eyes.


TO REGISTER:  Email Carmen Romero: and state which class you are registering for. 

Refer to Class Course to see what classes compliment each other.  If you have questions please call or  email Carmen Romero.

Video audio recording of class:  Video recording of class material must be done after class and cannot contain any class students in the shot.  You may audio record at any time.

Class description:

Class description

All classes are gender neutral. Technique is the same for men and for women.  Interpretation is personal and descriptions for movement are not based on gender rather, character or quality.  An example would be to say: “When posing like this we want to look strong and our body lines are more straight than curved”. This applies in all aspects of our classes. As well, in the props class, abanico/fan is open to all interpretations and so therefore, we would like people to not limit themselves on what they perceive to be gender specific.


Our descriptions for the classes are brief and intended to give students an idea of what it’s like to train in our school.  If you have questions please email, and we will be happy to answer your questions.



Teen Flamenco

Prerequisite: Must be able to play castanets, execute footwork and coordinated with upper body movement. Have learned either Tangos or Bulerias previously.

What you will learn:

  • In this class young dancers will further develop their castanet proficiency and include it with choreography. 

  • Focus will be on developing speed and more complex polyrhythms in the footwork. Dancers will learn choreography that gives them an opportunity to be expressive and build confidence in their ability to dance with strong technique.


Advanced Technique:

This is an excellent class if you are trying to transition from intermediate to Advance level as well as develop your skills.

Prerequisite: Must be able to execute all footwork sounds. Play castanets, experience with turns.

What you will learn: 

  • Turns: vuelta normal, quebrada, punta/talon, split turns.

  • Sequences that combine technical elements of footwork and upper body within a choreographic framework for example: an escobilla por Alegrias, or a patada por bulerias.  You will be able to use these choreographic/technical bites and infuse it with a choreography that you may be developing.

  • Learn how to interpret different palos rhythmically through footwork, palmas, body percussion and castanets.

Advanced Choreography: Alegrias de Cordoba


Cuadro/Ensemble Flamenco: This class helps students develop their own works in flamenco be it dance or music.  It is open to advance flamenco dancers and  musicians from different genres like piano, percussion, violin. You name it, all are welcome. 

There is a dedicated guitarist and singer in the class that will create music for you as you develop your work. Carmen Romero’s role is focused on artistic direction and will teach you who to develop a piece. For musicians, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to accompany flamenco musicians and dancers leading to understanding of the form. This is open to solo performances or even groups who want to develop a work. All creations lead to a performance at various times in the year.

Pre-requisite: Advanced dancer. Must be familiar with cante flamenco and rhythms. Musicians must be proficient in playing their instrument.

What you will learn:

  • How to source resources to start the creation process.

  • How to build you dance and or music based on the musical structures in Flamenco.

  • How to develop your own work method for creation-presentation.

This class is essential for people who want to pursue a professional career in flamenco and or want to knowledge and experience to create something that is personal and meaningful to them.

Many of current artists in Canada have been part of the Cuadro program and have even won awards for their work.


Intermediate Flamenco: This class is will combine more complex technique to develop upper and lower body coordination, footwork, turns and castanets. 

Prerequisite: Must have at least one year of flamenco dance experience. 

What you will learn: 

  • Castanets are taught briefly in the first 15 minutes of the class and are an introduction to the instrument but more importantly to wake up you rhythmical mind. 

  • A choreography will be taught that uses all the technique taught in class for the exception of castanets.


Bata de Cola Technique: This class focuses on strengthening the body  to be able to manipulate the Bata de Cola and learning to execute specific technique to mobilize the Bata de Cola.

Prerequisite: Must be at a high intermediate to advance level in Spanish dance technique, meaning  you have to be able to do foot work, turns, and have strong coordination of upper body and footwork. Previous basic experience with Bata de Cola is necessary. Contact Carmen Romero for introductory lessons if you have never used a Bata de Cola.

What will you learn: 

  • Strengthening and mobility exercises that develop your upper and lower body.  

  • Balance exercises are integral to being able to move the Bata de Cola. 

  • Turns.

  • Traveling patterns.

Bata Choreography: Sevillanas will be Choreographed with Bata de Cola.  This beautiful choreography will be flowing and elegant. 

Pre-requisite: Must be at an intermediate-advance dancer and have previous Bata de Cola experience.

What will you learn: 

  • To incorporate all the technique taught in the previous technique class. It is best if you can do both technique and choreography class together.

  • Improve ability to sequence more complex travelling patterns as it relates the Sevillanas Choreography.

  • Improve your rhythm using the Bata de Cola in strict time. 

Flamenco Props: This will be a fun and creative class.

Abanico/Fan, Baston/Cane, Manton/Shawl or Cape and Sombrero are all props that we use in Spanish dance/flamenco. They are representative of the culture in Spain. The songs that we dance to express the stories we tell and the props are very much apart of those stories.

Pre-requisite: Must have 1-2 years of dance training.

What you will learn: This class will focus on one prop at a time throughout the year. Fall: Abanico /Fan. Winter: Baston Spring: Manton/Shawl.  Short choreographies will be created to use the techniques taught in class.


Introduction to Flamenco/Groupon: No prerequisite: Come join us in this delightful class where you will be introduced to flamenco dance and music. Whether you are using you Groupon 4 class trial or have signed up for the year you will get a good sense if this style of dancing is for you.

Carmen Romero has developed a unique method for teaching flamenco dance to beginner students that is progressive and allows you to learn the rudimentary skills necessary to start dancing.  This is a pre-requisite to the Beginner Flamenco Dance class.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the name of all the footwork sounds and be able to execute them in a 4/4 time signature.

  • Learn the names of the arm and hand movements and integrate these movements with footwork.

  • Learn about the rhythmical pattern in the music and how to identify the sounds.

Once you are able to do all of the above skills you will be encouraged to attend the beginner flamenco classes.


Beginner Flamenco: This class is the continuation of the Introductory Flamenco and focuses on learning more of the footwork and coordinating it with arm and hand movements in addition to learning to play Castanets. 

Prerequisite: Introductory Flamenco

What you will learn:

  • More complex foot drill in 4/4 or 3/4 time.

  • Strengthen your body through more rigorous upper body and lower body drills.

  • Learn to play castanets. This is excellent for developing your rhythm and fine motor dexterity.

  • A short choreography that will include all the technique you are learning.


Spanish Dance Intermediate Will explore through dance the beautiful musical composition Danza del Amenecer by Jose Antonio Rodriguez.  This is a 2:36 minute piece where we will be incorporating turns, pulsing rhythm footwork and flowing traveling patterns. This is a great class to work on improving you ability to remember choreography as well as interpretation on music.

Prerequisite: Intermediate. Must know all footwork sounds and be able to coordinate with upper body movement.

What you will learn:

  • Traveling turns.

  • Turns with footwork.

  • Strengthening exercises for balance, footwork and upper body movement.


Flamenco standards: If you would like to be performing in cuadros you need to know some standard dances that are done as well as be able to do palmas/clapping to accompany dancers and musicians.

Pre requisite: high intermediate/advance level.

What you will Learn: In three terms Fall/Winter/Spring The structure of the music and dance will be explained and taught. Choreography for both will be taught so that you can use it where and when ever you dance.

Fall: Sevillanas Winter:Fandangos de Huelva and Bulerias. Spring: Tangos/Bulerias Fin de Fiesta style.


Castanet Ensemble: This is a very unique class as it focuses on playing castanets in and ensemble. Carmen will arrange a composition. Students experience can range from beginner to advance as this is all part of the arrangement using peoples current abilities and building on them. This class does not include dance, although it will include upper body arm placement while playing castanets. 

Pre-requisite: Beginner to Advanced players

What you will learn:

  • Technique

  • Musicality (phrasing/dynamics)

  • Fine motor warm ups and drill exercises to improve dexterity.

  • Musical arrangement that is part of a group effort.