School of Flamenco Dance Arts

Flamenco is an art form that embodies three main disciplines: song, dance and music. Carmen Romero teaches the art of flamenco as an interdisciplinary language. Her main focus is teaching you the language and helping you develop your own aesthetic. 


From beginner to professional, children to adults, students learn to develop rhythm, movement, song and music. As you become more proficient, Carmen will lead you on a path of exploration in choreographic and musical creation. Flamenco is about life and it is a lifelong practice. One where you never stop learning and one that lets you discover you passion.

Annual parties, guest artist workshops, Flamenco markets, recitals and public presentations offer students an opportunity to share their love for flamenco.
























 Come Discover your Passion !

School Structure

The school is adapting to the changing times. We have restructured the school to include three different and exciting ways of continuing your flamenco journey.

Carmen Romero Live!

You will have access to a video recording of the Choreography in advance. During the Live Zoom class Carmen will break down the material and answer questions. You will also receive access to the music composed by our musicians.

Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance

Online Community Collaborations 

Building an online community is more important now than ever before. These are classes that are taught by international and local artists. You will have live access to these artists and the opportunity to make new flamenco friends. Compania Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance Arts is really excited to collaborate with other schools to further create a community and to diversify your training in flamenco.


Pre-recorded episodes that Carmen Romero has specifically created to help you in complementing your training in Spanish Dance and Flamenco. The episodes focus on specific skills or topics. These are short segments and available 24/7. You train on your time.

Our Creative Rooms

As we are not working in our physical studio together, we need to make sure that we are safe at all times.

Dress for class is comfortable clothes. Bring your water. Make sure your space is safe to move in. Raise your arms up high and wide to make sure you don't hit anything.  Make sure your floor is secure and you are able to move roughly in a space that is 4 x 6 feet.




Three main stages: Beginner/Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced/Professional.


For singers: There are two classes that you would mostly learn in.  You would start with simple projects first and then through out time and development work with more complex material.  Singers will be invited into dance classes to sing and learn about dance accompaniment.

  • Palmas / compas

  • Cuadro Flamenco


Musicians: Guitarists play for classes once they know enough material and have developed enough skill to be able to start learning dance accompaniment.

Other Musicians are welcomed and placed into classes after they have gone through the Flamenco Theory Class and are then moved onto the Cuadro Flamenco Class.



 Dancers with previous dance experience in flamenco will be placed according to teachers’ discretion.



  • Introductory Flamenco Dance (at least one year.  Half a year if you take two classes/week) 

  • Augment training and learning by adding: Flamenco Theory Class and or Castanets.



  • Drill Class Elementary level .

  •  Augment training and learning by adding: Sevillanas and or Classical Spanish Dance and or Castanets and or Flamenco Theory.

  • Pataitas.



  • Drill Class Intermediate/Advanced.

  • Int/Adv Flamenco Dance Props.

  • Flamenco Theory:  dancers should be working on dancing alone, or singing alone.

  • Baile por Cante.

  • Classical Spanish Dance and Castanets.



  • Advance Flamenco Dance

  • Int/Adv Flamenco Dance Props.

  • Technical Drill Class

  • Cuadro Flamenco