Compañia Carmen Romero ignites the stage  delivering a spellbinding flamenco performance in its finest and most passionate form. Offering full-scale productions or community  programs, Compañia Carmen Romero is recognized nationally and internationally as either a solo dance artist or full company. Audiences are captivated through their live performances and outreach activities sharing the passion, beauty and complexity of flamenco.


“Carmen Romero elevates flamenco from folklore to art and from art to wherever she chooses.”

- Edionysus for Fida, August 13th, 2002 Toronto, Canada


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Performance and Workshop Activities 


Compañia Carmen Romero is a local and touring company that performs in theatres, community festivals ,private, corporate functions and fundraising activities. Workshops and Team building are also a part of Compañia Carmen Romero’s outreach work in the community.  Compañia Carmen Romero operates in two different modalities being as a Full ensemble or Carmen Solo.

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 photo credits to ©2016 Levent Erutku Photography

Two different performance formats:
Book Carmen:

Compañia Carmen Solo is a format that features Carmen Romero as a solo dance artist with her musical ensemble. 


Short Works:

  • May I join you?: Jazz flamenco fusion. Piano. Two artists  (10 Minutes)

  • Uno Dos y Tres: Spoken word. Four artists (10 Minutes)

  • Mi Solea: Traditional Flamenco. Five Artists (20 Minutes)

  • Flamenqueando: 3-6 artists. The act of flamenco in the moment. Flexible format.


Full-scale productions: 

  • Y entonces…./& then….   Five artists. Musical-dance journey of when life happens.  Flexible performance format. Indoor/outdoor.

  • Carmen en 7: Currently in production. World premiere Fall 2016.  Six Artists.  A soulful exploration of life after death.


“As for Carmen Romero, she delivers flamenco with a raw immediacy that is far closer to the source than a lot of the theatrical Spanish dance passed off as authentic.”

   - Michael Crabb. Toronto Star

Book Company:

The full ensemble is comprised of seven resident dance artists supported by our flamenco musicians that complement the diversity, complexity and depth of the choreographic works. We have toured our full company complete with technicians.  Compañía Carmen Romero was awarded touring support from the Canada Council in 2014.


Previous Productions


Flamenco Ayer Y Hoy. Cast of 7 dancers and 6 musicians. Musical and dance time machine of the evolution of flamenco.


Carmen Complex. Cast 5 dancers 7 musicians. Contemporary story of a woman who suffers a Carmen Complex.  Ballet, Argentine Tango and flamenco tell the story.













Current Productions:

Y Entonces......  and then.....

Y entonces … is a  60 minute program with a 15 minute intermission performed by five virtuoso artists. Two flamenco vocalists, one pianist, one flamenco guitarist and flamenco dancer Carmen Romero.  Y entonces … is a passionate, sultry and powerful production that absorbs the smooth sounds of jazz, while pounding out the intricate rhythms to spoken word and navigating the emotional world of Cante Flamenco.  Y entonces was created for the Montreal Festival Internacional de Flamenco in 2014, where is was received with great admiration.  


J A C I N T O is a contemporary flamenco performance that evokes a man, his daughter, and the scars they both carry. A woman grieves the loss of her father, and through letters, photographs and talismans, uncovers the mysteries of who he was. In search of catharsis, Jacinto examines the dark angels within us: the black crow inside one’s heart, the pain that is passed on, from generation to generation. It can lie dormant within us, but it also wants to free us; it dances out the fear.


Fantastical, seductive, volatile and unnerving, this is a new solo dance-theatre work by one of Toronto’s and Canada’s most powerful flamenco artists.

Flamenqueando. Cast 2-7 dancers 2-6 musicians.

Flexible format that features traditional flamenco dances and song.  Great for corporate functions, Festivals or fundraising events.


















Our corporate clients who have booked FLAMENQUANDO have included: Tourist office of Spain, Hydro One, Johnston & Johnston, Carrera Y Carrera, Channel, SOCAN, Giesecke & Devrient, Holt Renfrew, York Arts Council, City of Markham.

Book Workshops:

Other creative activities of Compañia Carmen Romero


  • Corporate functions/Team building: Carmen Romero has lead corporate Ice Breakers at functions as well as team building exercises getting people to think in global ways and think out of the box learning flamenco movement and rhythm as a novel mode of communication.

  • Educational Workshops for schools and Institutions: Lecture demonstrations on subjects such as the Origins of flamenco, Women’s role in flamenco have been offered in the public secondary and post secondary institutions in the language, dance and drama, physed and Social studies programs.

  • Introduction to flamenco is an informative, interactive presentation that gets children at the primary stages to learn about language, culture, and geography through the art of flamenco.

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It is the daunting sense of uncertainty that can seem both unnerving and raw, her emotional presence soon pulls you up straight.”

                                   – Toronto Dance