Artistic Statement

We consider flamenco to be more than a spectacular form;  we consider it a language and use it to connect with our audiences. We generate the creations through experiences in life, relationships, and many forms of art and music.  We work within a collaborative spirit and invite curiosity, challenge, and risk into the process. We  work with dancers , musicians and theatrical designers to create work that is relational, current and emotional






















Artistic Director: Carmen Romero

Who Are we and our history.


Carmen Romero is known for her powerful performances. “ she ….delivers flamenco with a raw immediacy that is far closer to the source than a lot of the theatrical Spanish dance passed off as authentic. Toronto Star. "


Compañía Carmen Romero is a flamenco dance and music collective based out of Toronto, Canada. Originally founded in 1986 by Carmen Romero as artistic director to Candela Flamenca.

Carmen Romero is of Spanish heritage and was raised in Canada. It is remarkable that she has developed a collective of dancers and musicians that went on to perform with the collective , in Europe the United States and Asia. 

"The exclusive focus and depth of Romero’s commitment to the art of flamenco is not just understandable given her family heritage, but somehow fitting and more authentic.  She truly belongs to the history of flamenco in a way not easily achieved

by non-Spanish dancers." Dance International


The collective was then an ad hoc group of musicians and dancers who performed primarily at municipal and multicultural events. The collective produced three full-length theatrical flamenco productions: El Embrujo (The Bewitched) (1993), Flamenco Ayer y Hoy (Flamenco Yesterday and Today) (1997) and Carmen Complex (2003). El Embrujo. Flamenco de Ayer y Hoy premiered through Dance Works at the DuMaurier Theatre Centre, Toronto, then toured Canada the United States parts of Europe and Asia until 2002. The collective also created many smaller works such as Luna Llena (Full Moon) (1998), presented at fFIDA: this work competed in the 9th annual Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco at the prestigious Teatro Albeniz in Madrid, Spain. During this event, Compañía Carmen Romero /CANADA was posted on their dressing room and since then the company was renamed Compañía Carmen Romero  to reflect the milestone in the collective’s history as it was recognized as an international flamenco dance company representing Canada.






















Dancers: Pamela Briz, Carmen Romero, Katia Lutz-Weis; Teatro Albeniz, Madrid, Spain. 2000

Previous Performances (highlights):

  • Guest Performance with Blues Singer Sue Foley. Women's Blues Revue. Massey Hall.

  • Compañía Carmen Romero Tour 2014: August-November.

  • Girona, Spain. Encuentro de las Castanuelas.

  • Festival Flamenco Montreal

  • Calgary International Flamenco Festival.

  • Winnipeg: Colors of Flamenco Festival.

  • Victoria Flamenco Festival

  • Vancouver International Flamenco Festival.

  • Canada Dance Festival

  • Dusk Dances Vancouver-Ottawa-Toronto

  • Toronto International Flamenco Festival-Sony Centre

  • Harbourfront Centre-Hot & Spicy Festival

  • CNE-International Stage.

  • Certamen de Coreografia y danza Espanola- Madrid, Spain.

  • Singapore. Kallang Theatre

  • Guelph Centre for the Performing Arts

  • Vancouver BC,Vogue Theatre

  • Victoria BC, Playhouse Theatre

  • Nathan Phillips Square Lunchtime Festival

  • Toronto. Hispanic Fiesta

  • Kingston Community presenters

  • Okenagan tour

  • Enbridge gas. Corporate Event

  • Johnson and Johnson Corporate Event

  • Canada’s Wonderland (six seasons)



  • Community out reach.Singapore

  • Colors of Flamenco. Winnipeg

  • University of Manitoba.  Lecture Demonstration.

  • Victoria Flamenco Festival

  • Public primary and secondary Schools. Cawthra Park Secondary, Unionville High, Rolph Road PS. Dr. Norman Bethune C. I.

  • Quinte School of Ballet ( 4 seasons)

  • Oakville School of Ballet (6 seasons)



  • Coaching Shakira: GYPSY Sale el Sol Tour. Carmen Romero worked with Shakira to develop her movement and choreography and adapt it to live music for her 2010 Sale el Sol tour.

  • Film Compania Carmen Romero was featured in this short film directed by  Dan Eisen. Choreography by Carmen Romero and Music by Miguel de la Bastide. EL CAMBIO


Current State of Compañia Carmen Romero


Artistic Director, Carmen has further immersed herself in professional development supported through the Canada Council for the Arts to further excavate deeper inquiries of her work. This has resulted into developing a rich aesthetic that reflects her desire to exploit flamenco as a language of expression and not exclusively as a cultural art form and solely preserve the traditional and historical origins of the art of flamenco.

Compañia Carmen Romero is now a vehicle for Carmen’s company works and collaborations with artists in other disciplines. Research and Development grants as well as creation and touring funding were attained for:

  • The Song of Dance.

  • Stepping out.

  • El Despacho.

  • May I join you?

  • Uno Dos y Tres.

  • Y Entonces


  • Legacy Flamenco Workshops

  • Touring Support for Performances in Girona, Spain for International Castanet Festival, and Victoria Flamenco Festival as well as company tour support for Y Entonces/& Then through Canada including cities Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver.




















Since 2006 Compañia Carmen Romero has re established collaborations with:

  • Lata Pada and Sampraday Creations for Charla,

  • film Director Gloria Kim for a flamenco movie as well as continuing to perform in Dusk Dances,

  • Hot N'Spicey – Harbourfront,

  • The Body Percussion Festival Toronto

  • Aga Khan Duende Festival

  • Dusk Dances Tours 2013, 2015, 2018.


Compañia Carmen Romero has performed in every flamenco festival in Canada. As well, Compañia Carmen Romero represented Canada in prestigious dance festivals such as Encuentro de las Castanuelas in Girona, Spain, Certamen de Danza  in Madrid and the Flamenco Festival du Nimes, France.


“Carmen Romero, acknowledged as one of North America's greatest flamenco choreographers and dancers.”

  - Robert Reid. Record Staff, Guelph,Canada 



The company's creative development has been made possible through project funding from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada Council for the Arts as well as private funding from The Laidlaw Foundation, the K.M Hunter Foundation and private funders.



Celebrating over 25 Years

of  Flamenco Creations!