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Master Class with
Eduardo Guerrero

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Eduardo Guerrero


Eduardo Guerrero González, born in Cádiz, started dancing at the age of six and trained under renowned masters like Mario Maya and Antonio Canales. He later expanded his dance knowledge in contemporary and ballet. He has collaborated with top artists on the national scene, earning recognition for his quality, physical capacity, and technique. He played main roles in various prestigious companies, including Aida Gómez, Eva La Yerbabuena, and the National Ballet of Spain. In 2011, his choreography "Mayo" won the Prize in the Choreographic Contest of the Professional Conservatories, launching his successful solo career, where he has created numerous shows and performed worldwide.

November 19, 2023  2:00pm

Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company

401 Richmond St, West, Suite B104
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

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