No Shoes Flamenco Class
Virtual 30 minute class

This is a 30 minute flamenco virtual class for women/men, kids, teens, those who have never done it and for those who have and just want to get a bit of regular exercise in their daily routine.
Led by Carmen Romero in Toronto, Canada. 

Wednesday 12 noon - 12:30 EST

Registration coming soon!

Carmen will be using Zoom for these classes. Zoom does not work on Safari, so if you only have Safari you will need to: 

1. Download Google or Chrome onto your device to get into the online class.
2. Download the following this ZOOM LINK

What you need:
Make some room to move around, lets say about 3 feet by 3 feet. You can do this on your hard floors, carpets, grass where ever you are safe to move. Make sure you can spread you arms out fully to the side and above your head.

Clothing: Wear clothes that you can move comfortably in and shoes that you are comfortable

We will start with a simple coordination warm up, then work on upper body movement with arms, hands and coordinate with lower body. 


Realize that as Carmen  may not be able to see you as well as she would in a regular in studio class, that you are taking this class at your own risk.
There is a minimal cost for this class.  $5/class 14 classes for $70
Vamos a bailar flamenco !!