Carmen Romero Live

The  Zoom  link will be used for all my students who are currently registered in classes. The same link will be used whether you are in the Garrotin or Peteneras. The way it will work is that you will click on the link when its time for your class. Class times will remain the same.

For example: Monday technique 6:30 -7:30, you would click on the link that I will provide in the whatsapp group for your class and that's it.

You need, a safe place to dance, a board or surface you can dance on.

If you don' t have one, I am having some made that you can purchase. I will let you know more about them soon.

Also, Zoom does NOT work on Safari, you will need to have GOOGLE OR CHROME downloaded on your computer or phone, or tablet/iPad.

Go to your app store and download.  It's free and easy to download.

Please realize, that as I am unable to fully see you, I can not tell exactly what you are doing and so therefore you are participating in this class at your own risk.

I will be modifying the class content to suit the situation. All of our choreographies that have blocking will be ignored and done to the front. When we finally get together we can block it then.

If you have any questions or concerns email:  . Subject box: Zoom class

I really look forward to seeing you online. Frankly I can't wait to give you all a big hug when this is all over. For now we will do the best we can.

See you soon!

Carmen xoxo