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Title:    Y entonces.....      and then.......
When life is a dance, it tells many stories and so these, are mine.

Photo by: Levent Erutku



Y entonces … is a  60 minute program with a 15 minute intermission performed by five virtuoso artists. Two flamenco vocalists, one pianist, one flamenco guitarist and flamenco dancer Carmen Romero.  Y entonces … is a passionate, sultry and powerful production that absorbs the smooth sounds of jazz, while pounding out the intricate rhythms to spoken word and navigating the emotional world of Cante Flamenco.  Y entonces was created for the Montreal Festival Internacional de Flamenco in 2014, where is was received with great admiration.  Below Carmen Romero explains the premise behind Y entonces….


I don’t really know what specifically makes me dance.  My interests are more varied then some would assume of a flamenco dancer.  Different things, times, places and people make me feel a certain way.  I do try to plan my life yet the most powerful events just happen and then, I dance. 

Three very different works are presented and the binding agents are the music and song that feed my soul.

May I join you? is a playful conversation between two people who work in different musical genres.  I met Jazz pianist Scott Metcalfe while he was playing in another band.  Inspired by his playing I approached him and asked if he would be interested in jamming with me and then he said yes.  


A lesson in time: is about precision, focus, meter but mostly it is about the brevity of life, a lesson my father taught me very recently.


Mi Solea is truly about the unexpected, the powerful moment in time that leaves it’s mark etched in your soul forever.

Scott Metcalfe on piano, Gareth Owen on Guitar and flamenco vocalists Stephanie Pedreza and Paco de Leon create magic with their music and then I Carmen Romero, dance.



Carmen Romero: Biography


Carmen Romero: Dance Artist/ Artistic Director/ Choreographer 

Carmen Romero is known to foster relationships with audiences, students and fellow colleagues through the art of flamenco.  As Artistic Director of Compañía Carmen Romero and the School of Flamenco Dance Arts based in Toronto, Canada, founded 1992, she has created a foundation for teaching flamenco as a language of expression giving participants the tools to train the mind body and soul to discover their personal best, be it for recreation or profession.

As a performing artist Carmen Romero is known for her technical ability, performance craft and passion. Michael Crabb, Toronto Star writes about her Dusk Dances 2013 performance…” In terms of performance quality, the evening’s highlights May I Join You? an opening flamenco improvisation featuring the earthy, passionate Carmen Romero and jazz pianist Scott Metcalfe… she delivers flamenco with a raw immediacy that is far closer to the source than a lot of the theatrical Spanish dance passed off as authentic.”

Carmen Romero is a recipient of the Chalmers Award the K.M Hunter Emerging Artists Award as well as earning a Dora Nomination for best choreography in her production, CARMEN COMPLEX. In 2013, Romero was nominated by the Toronto Arts Foundation for the Muriel Sherrin Award for International Achievement in Dance. 

     Highlights of Carmen Romero’s career include coaching Latin Pop star “Shakira” in her 2010 Sale el Sol world tour. Also, presenting Luna Llena, at the 9th Annual Certamen de Coreogrfia  de Danza Espanola y  Flamenco in Madrid, as well as just recently performing May I join you? in El Encuetro de las Castanuelas International Festival in Girona, Spain, affirms her place on the international stage. 



Carmen Romero-Dancer/Artistic Director.


Benjamine Barrile-Flamenco Guitarist/Musical Direction

Rooted in the traditions of flamenco, guitarist Benjamin Barrile prefers to speak through his instrument, expressing emotion without words. A remarkable soloist, Benjamin also excels as both accompanist and composer. His compositions are rich, complex and progressive without straying too far from Spanish gypsy tradition that stretches back hundreds of years.

In 2000, Benjamin set off to Spain for the first time, in search of flamenco and what would be the most self-defining journey of his life so far. He traveled to what is known as one of the major centres of flamenco in Spain today, Jerez de la Frontera, a municipality in the province of Cádiz in the autonomous community of Andalusia, where he studied primarily under maestros Manuel Lozano “El Carbonero”, and Gerardo Nuñez. Upon his return home, Benjamin would then seek out more formal training in the art of flamenco through Miguel de la Bastide.

In recent years, Benjamin has performed recorded with many artists including The Café Olé, a multi-award winning group that incorporates a unique mix of traditional flamenco and jazz, internationally renowned Rumba Flamenco group Gustavo Scolieri & Puente del Diablo, and vocalist/composer Amanda Martinez just to name a few. In addition to leading his own group, El Mosaico, Benjamin is also a resident guitarist at Carmen Romero's School of Flamenco Dance Arts, and The Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company based in Toronto. Benjamin has also appeared on numerous Television and Radio Broadcasts.


Scott Metcalfe- Piano

Scott Metcalfe is a versatile pianist/keyboarder rising in the Toronto music scene. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba where he studied classical music, jazz music and percussion, he moved to Toronto to study jazz at the highly prestigious Humber College. There he received multiple scholarships, graduated with honors, and played alongside such jazz greats at Dave Holland, David Liebman and Steve Gadd. In between college he performed on Carnival Cruise Lines in their show bands and in jazz trios. Graduating in 2007, however, was only the beginning of his musical endeavors, and since then Scott has played and studied as many styles of music as he could get his feet into. He accompanies a variety of artists, singers, composers, even dancers; has recorded on 5 studio CD's; and explored and performed in such a variety of music as jazz, funk, RnB, motown, hip-hop, folk, flamenco, classical, world, musical theatre, latin, among others. He performs in his own quartet alongside his brother where he composes music that is as diverse as he is, while leaving room for improvising within each style. Ever striving to expand his territory and remain true to his own voice, Scott is becoming a known name in the Toronto music scene.


Silvia Temis-Cante

Born in Mexico, Silvia has always been involved in the arts. Her flamenco experience started in 2009, initially with dance and then finding a fascination and talent for “cante” (singing) flamenco. She is interested in flamenco in all of its forms and is committed to the study and understanding of this art.

Silvia has taken workshops and singing instruction from prominent “cantaores” (flamenco singers) such as Manuel Gago, Jesus Corbacho, Maria Mezcle, Rocio Marquez, Rubio de Pruna, Matias Lopez, Gema Caballero, Encarna Anillo and Miguel Ortega, as well as ongoing flamenco dance and theory lessons with Carmen Romero and Esmeralda Enrique. Silvia is a member of Compañía Carmen Romero and Triana Project since 2010 and 2011 respectively.


Fernando Gallego-Cante

Vocalist Fernando Gallego who recently relocated from Spain and guitarist Juan D. Toledo (of the popular latin fusion group Santarias) bring us a very special evening of flamenco song (cante) and guitar.

Gallego has performed in major  venues and festivals throughout Andalusia including la Peña Camaron de la Isla, la Peña La Cañailla, and La Feria de San Fernando. Currently Fernando sings with Compañía Esmeralda Enrique and Compañía Carmen Romero and collaborates with groups such as Santerias, Triana Project and more. 

Technical Rider:


5 monitors

3 lavaleer microphones or two vocal mics with booms

2 D.I.

4 PZM – Unidirectional floor mics or shot guns.

4 armless chairs


1 quick change with Mirror, table, chair. ( female assistant if possible)

2 dressing rooms.


We will work with existing plot.  We do need one centre down pool or large 5 foot spot.  

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