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Welcome to
Compañía Carmen Romero
School of Flamenco Dance Arts !

Let's Discover Your Passion!
Flamenco is an art form that embodies three main disciplines: song, dance and music. Carmen Romero teaches the art of flamenco as an interdisciplinary language. Her main focus is teaching you the language and helping you develop your own aesthetic. 
From beginner to professional, children to adults, students learn to develop rhythm, movement, song and music. As you become more proficient, Carmen will lead you on a path of exploration in choreographic and musical creation. Flamenco is about life and it is a lifelong practice. One where you never stop learning and one that lets you discover you passion.

Annual parties, guest artist workshops, Flamenco markets, recitals and public presentations offer students an opportunity to share their love for flamenco.
You can enjoy three parts of our school. Live Classes, FlamencOnline and workshops.
Live Classes are classes that are taught live and remotely via Zoom; students can participate physically in the studio or via Zoom. 
Please let us know if you will be joining via zoom.
FlamencOnline is our 24/7 on demand School where you can purchase a monthly membership and train any time any where.
Check regularly for  workshops
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