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Angel Rojas Workshop


Dancer, choreographer and flamenco director, Ángel Rojas (Madrid, 1974) is one of the most outstanding  in the current panorama of the flamenco art form.  Known for his powerfully physical and emotional performances and beautifully complex choreographic works.

His artistic career has been linked for many years to Carlos Rodríguez, with whom he directs the company Nuevo Ballet Español since 1995. 

Ángel Rojas made his professional debut at the age of sixteen and in his beginnings he toured with the Ballet Teatro Español de Luisillo and Ballet Teatro Español by Rafael Aguilar. The Flamenco Ballet Antonio Canales where he was featured as the bull in TORERO that played at Massey Hall in the late 1990’s. He also appeared in Canela y fuego (1996), Sangre flamenca (1997), Flamenco directo (1998), Furia (2000), Alma (2006), show with which the company celebrated ten years of existence, and Sangre (2008).

Recently he tore up the floor at Madrid’s prestigious Flamenco Tablao Corral de la Morreria with flamenco powerhouse Antonio Canales and La Lupi. Not only is Angel an incredible performer yet also a fantastic teacher, who engages with his students and makes the workshop experiental on every level, physically, mentaly and emotionally. He is artistic advisor on many international companies such as Ensemble Espanol and Teatro Madrid.  

This will be Angel Rojas first workshop in Toronto.  He is very difficult to get in and I highly highly recommend you don’t miss him.  He is one of these iconic artists that come by very seldom and you should take the opportunity to train with him.

I am very honoured to have Angel come in to Compania Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance and infuse this creative space with his evocative flamenco energy.