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Legacy of Ingrid de Romero





















On May 8, 2019, my mother Ingrid de Romero peacefully passed on in our arms after a ten year battle with Alzheimers.

This page is dedicated to my mother as a tribute to the legacy she left behind.


I have been dancing since the age of eight. As flamenco dancing is very loud it is no surprise that I lived most of my life dancing in basement studios. When the day came that I found a beautiful 2nd floor space with a large window not far from where I lived, I took the leap of faith and signed the lease. A great deal of work had to be done to the studio to make it into the creative space it is today.

Compañía Carmen Romero Studios was made possible by the generous financial contribution of my mother Ingrid de Romero. It was always my dream to have my own creative space where I could realize my work and also have a space that is inviting, nurturing and positive for all those who entered, either as students, patrons and other artists, to create their own work. My mother said to me, “I don’t want to see you in any more basements. You have worked long and hard and it’s time you have your own studio. This is a nice space and I will help you fix it up.”

New dance floors and mirrors were installed, doors moved and walls put up, paint and lighting included that would create a different mood in the studio.













My former location of 20 years was in downtown Toronto and moving a business is always daunting, as you lose the community that you have worked in and not all students can follow you. However, during events I have always been happy to see former students join us in celebration. The door is always open. In the first year I worked very hard to get the new studio going. There were challenges, however my mother taught me the value of perseverance, hard work, integrity and respect. Above all, to never give up.


My very first guest artist who “christened” our floor was La Tati, someone I consider my flamenco mother. This studio was launched with a thunderous energy.



















Six years later, the studio housed many substantial creations of Compania Carmen Romero, such as UNO DOS Y TRES and the tribute to my father, JACINTO. As well, the studio has hosted many intimate performances with guest artists, student showcases, birthdays, and my father’s celebration of life.








Everyone who has entered the studio has noticed the positive “vibe” and enjoys the space. Six years later, the studio continues to grow and now hosts creative studio partnerships with other artists. The work that gets created in the studio is the legacy my mother left to us all.

Mama was my biggest supporter. When I was very young, I was terrible at remembering choreographies. Once, in mid-dance I blanked out and stood there, while my fellow dancers whirled around me. From the side lines I heard my mother’s voice loud and clear: “MOVE! JUST MOVE!!!!!” From that day on, I became an incredibly strong improviser of the flamenco form. I improvise entire two-hour programs and never again have stood still and never will.











Mama, thank you for always believing in me and for helping me create a place where I and all those who enter the studio can create art that is fuelled with love, affection, power and grace from your eternal spirit. This studio was dedicated to you as you created a legacy for all to enjoy.  You were always so proud of  "Mayo " and Me, and everything we created. However, we were so proud of you as you will always be the most wonderful role model ever and we are for ever grateful to have you as our mother.










































As I have always signed off on every card I have given you….. Love for ever and always,

In lieu of flowers I would ask that a donation in my mother's name go towards the Alzhiemers Society research fund, so that one day no one will have to suffer from this horrible desease.

Please follow the link:

Alzheimers Donation in the name of INGRID DE ROMERO.

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