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Save The Date
The Aga Khan Museum's
Duende Flamenco Festival 2023


Some of you may know me personally, and professionally others perhaps not. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.


I am the artistic Director of Compañía Carmen Romero and the School for Flamenco Dance based in Toronto Canada. I have been running my art practice for well over 30 years. Other than running the my school I am also a performing artist, producer, film maker, choreographer, educator and coach. Flamenco is not something I do rather the way I perceive the world in the life I live. My work has offered me incredible opportunities to meet people and work with them in creative ways which I love.

You can find out more information about myself and my work by going to 


Currently, I have the awesome opportunity to curate and share with you the official launch of the Aga Khan Museum Duende Flamenco Festival 2023.

The dates will be November 16 to the 19th.


This year we will be featuring three international artists including Eduardo Guerrero and El Yiyo.  The third artist will be announced soon.


I’m really excited to share with you as well that we are offering an opportunity for Canadian flamenco artist to submit proposals for the Canadian showcase on the Sunday, November 19.


There will be three artists/groups selected to present a 20 minute presentation /show. As well there is an international submission call for for flamenco films between five to 10 minutes.


Follow this link below to get all the information on those submissions. 


For now I recommend that you subscribe to the Agha Khan Museum website to get all the updates on upcoming ticket sales, artist announcements and activities that will be announced soon.


Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you.  


Viva Flamenco Canada

Aga Khan Duende Save the Date
Compania Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance Arts

Aga Khan Duende Save the Date

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