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Studio Rental Application

Passion Moves Studios operated by Compañía Carmen Romero

School of Flamenco Dance Arts, known as CCRSFDA


This contract represents an agreement between Passion Moves Studios operated by Compañía Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance Arts, known as CCRSFDA, and “Renter” as named below.

The CCRSFDA studio space can be rented for rehearsals, classes, workshops, and other events/activities as agreed upon.

  • CCRSFDA agrees to offer a clean, safe studio space with all sound equipment working at the time requested by renter.

  • Renter has use of microwave, coffee maker, kettle, fridge, Wi-Fi, and audio equipment. Renter may use projector for an additional $15. /Rental charge.

  • The studio will be rented in blocks of time as follows: one-hour minimum, 1⁄2-hour increments. Paid rental time periods include time for early arrival (if applicable) and setup/cleanup time.

  • Booking Space: Renter will be invited into Google Calendar where they can book rental day and times. Booking is not confirmed until paid via e-transfer to .  If rental is extended beyond original rental agreement, payment can be sent in at that time via e-transfer.

  • Rental Rates:

    • Studio A (600 square feet): $40/hr  + HST

    • Studio B (190 square feet): $30/hr + HST

    • Entire studio: The entire space that includes a self-contained washroom, reception and two studios.  $65/hr + HST

    • Payment: Renters will pay before the time of each rental period or the first day of the month for long term rentals. Renters MUST pay for all studio space before the time it is used. Renters will receive a receipt by email if requested.

Cancellation: Space may be cancelled via email or phone with 24 hours

  • Cancellation: Space may be cancelled via email or phone with 24 hours notice for hourly rentals or one months’ notice for long term rental. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for cancellations less than 24 hours.  Renters are encouraged to find alternate rental time make ups where possible in the schedule if cancellation is necessary.

  • Renters are solely responsible for providing their own marketing their own events, classes, and activities. CCRSFDA will add Contact information on CCRSFDA website. Renter must provide any of the following: Logo, Name of event/class and contact information.

  • Safety/liability: Renter is responsible the safety and wellbeing for all persons associated to their event/classes and does not hold CCRSFDA responsible for any injury or loss while renter and their associates are on the premises. Renter is responsible for damage to property of the studio during rental time.

  • NO Candles/fire may be used at studio. Smoking is not permitted inside building.

  • Renter is responsible for locking up studio after use and returning keys to lockbox.

  • Shoes: No street shoes are allowed in the studio. Bare feet and socks are not advised for dancing in studio as the floors may be splintered from flamenco dance shoes.

  • Emergencies: For any emergency situations including accidents, health crises, criminal activities, or fire, call 911. There is no phone available at the studio. It is advised to have a cell phone close at hand.

  • Housekeeping: Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to a good state before they leave. All lights electrical equipment must be turned off. Please leave the studio in the best possible condition for the next renter.

By submitting an application to Rent you are digitally signing this agreement with CCRSFDA.

Request submitted

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