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Emilio Ochando

Guest Artist

Emilio Ochando was born in Valencia in 1984 and began to train as a dancer at the age of 9, at the age of 12 he collaborated with the National Ballet of Spain and at 16 he moved to Madrid where he continued his training as a professional dancer and ended his career in the Royal Professional Conservatory of Madrid. He enters to form as a corps de ballet and as soloists in companies such as; Domingo Ortega, Inma Ortega, Malucos Danza, Nuevo Ballet Español (Rojas and Rodríguez), Aida Gómez, Live Flamenco and thus also begins to dance in various tablaos, where he travels the entire international and national scene.

His professional career is valued as a dancer but also as a choreographer creating his own company 3 years ago with shows such as (Ida y Vuelta Bolera School, 3DEUNO and now with his third work SIROCO) where he also combines it creating choreographies for new elite and recognized companies as Rafael Aguilar and in a show like Oh Cuba inside the circle of Lorca in the summers of the generalice (Granada) and Romeo and Juliata of EBB company, at the same time he conducts workshops and masterclasses all over the world such as the United States, Canada, London, Europe and Spain.

In his career he has received awards in the category:
4th classical dance award in the national dance competition held in Valencia. 2nd prize for new creators of the city of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). 2nd prize for solo choreography of the Spanish and flamenco dance competition nationwide (Madrid).
1st prize in the international contest of Spanish dance and flamenco city of Almeria. 1st prize TALENTMADRID2016 theater of the channel and Prize in the dance category in the contest TALENTMADRID 2016 theater of the channel. 1st prize for group choreography in the Spanish and flamenco dance competition at the national level (Madrid) and in the same competition, prizes such as choreographic commissions for Carlota Santana New York and the Maria de Avila higher conservatory. Candidate for the MAX 2018 awards for best male performance and best revelation show by SIROCO.
He is currently immersed in solo projects for national and international companies as a guest artist and touring with his latest shows 3DEUNO and SIROCO in Spain and abroad in name festivals such as the Jerez festival, Suzanne dellal festival, Flamenco Madrid festival, theaters network among others.

Emilio Ochando
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