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Maritel Centurion

Classical Spanish dancer

Argentinean born Maritel Centurion has extensive experience in classical ballet and Danza Espanola. Most of her work has been student-centred, and she has taught at many recognized Professional Training Programs in Canada. She continues creating choreography for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Aspirant Program.
Her performance, and choreography credits include a variety of settings including the MHR, the Museum of Civilization, Nuit Blanche, Paula Moreno Spanish Dance Co, collaboration with Theatre Flamenco at Canada Dance Festival, as well as the International Spanish Dance Society Gala at Valencia’s Palais de la Musique ( Spain) and the ballet “The Three Cornered” directed by Enrique Gutierrez, former member Mariemma Dance.
Centurion is a graduate from Canada’s National Ballet School Teachers Training Program, and a member of the International Spanish Dance Society. Maritel pursued her passion in flamenco studying with acclaimed artists such as Antonio Najarro, Paloma Gomez, Manuel Li~nan, Rafaela Carrasco, Olga Pericet, Pilar Ogalla, Beatriz Morales, Javier
Latorre, Marta de Troya, and Escuela Bolera with Luisa, Angel and Carmela Pericet.

Maritel  Centurion
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