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Welcome to my new blog ;)

Hello and welcome to my new Blog. This is going to come as a huge surprise to Vanessa and Bonnie....look at me all tech savvy and messing with the website. Yes, I'm doing it.

Vanessa Guillen and Bonnie Masina have been patiently helping me as I navigate the murky techno-world. Really, I should have been born when the pencil was invented. Life was so much easier then.

Here is my disclosure/apology: I'm not a writer. I try my best. I promise to use spell check, however, if autocorrect has it's wicked way, there may be the odd "typo." Je je je ;)

Anyway, I like to connect with people not only through dance yet also the exchange of dialogue. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing back from you. Please connect, as we all need somebody.



It's all a matter of perspective.

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