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A time to celebrate !

As I write this it is April 18 and it is snowing outside.

Any day now it will get warmer and stay that way. We are in a transition. The days are longer and warmer and this is something to celebrate as we come out of the dark cold days of winter. Our upcoming performance spring fiesta Flamenco is a celebration of the new season. In southern Spain, specifically Seville they celebrate La Feria. This always happens in April for a week and it’s always after Easter. People get dressed up in there flamingo outfits and they go out in the streets eat drink and dance Sevillanas all day and night long.

On Sunday, April 24, at the Smoke Show barbeque brew I will be performing with Nicolas Hernandez, Gina Tantalo, Rosendo Chendy Leon to very traditional Flamenco sets. During the intermission and after our performance join us and dance sevillanas.

Come dressed up in your Flamenco outfit and enjoy the evening with us. It’s a time to celebrate spring. New beginnings! Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

to get your online advance tickets go to the following link:


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